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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Volcano With a Side Order of Beats: UFC 129 at The Pour House

When local lads Reid Appel and Joe Gilchrist took over Sid's Sports Bar on Downie Street last year and transformed it into The Pour House, I started looking out for my chance to blog about their new operation. I heard they had come up with a whole new menu, and when The Pour House walked away with the title for Best Restaurant at the Heartburn Day Chili Cook-Off this past February I knew that the food was going to be above-and-beyond the usual sports bar fare.

But I decided to bide my time. I'd heard the Ultimate Fighting Championship was coming to Canada for the very first time in April... this historic sports event was the perfect opportunity for me to get a taste of the authentic Pour House experience, since The Pour House is known as the best place in town to watch UFC!

The card for the night included Canadians competing in every one of the mixed martial arts fights, so even though I don't really follow UFC closely I knew who to cheer for. 

Joe Versus the Volcano
I also knew exactly what to order - the legendary Volcano! A pile of cheesy nachos surrounded by a ring of fiery wings. Some of their popular honey garlic wings were also in there - and all delivered to the table by Joe Gilchrist himself (above). A pitcher of beer and a volcano were on special that night - perfect for catching the fights with a few of the boys. 
The wings were the best I've had in Stratford, but as the fights raged on we decided to go for it and order some more food - the roast beef on a bun was a knockout!

The no-holds-barred fights were pretty intense. One scrapper suffered what I can only describe as "Cauliflower Forehead", then kept on givin' 'er as if nothing was wrong until the final bell! A professional fighter actually joined us  at our table to watch some of the action: pro wrestler Robbie McAllister  (known for being a member of the tag-team duo The Highlanders) was in the house to see the fights...
Later, the action spilled out onto the sidewalk, where I got a sample of what Highlander Robbie will be servin'-up later this month at the One Fall Max Pro Wrestling matches in nearby Embro!

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