Eating-up Stratford
Bite by Byte

I'm New In Town...

I made the decision to move to Stratford last September.

It was a Sunday. I was sitting by myself in an empty restaurant where I’d hosted an all-local, garden-fresh brunch throughout the summer.

I guess word didn’t get out that we were also serving into the fall.

Bored silly, I called my wife, who was three hours away visiting Stratford, her hometown.
She couldn’t really hear me over the music. Outdoor techno on a Sunday afternoon?!? Hmmm...

She was attending a culinary festival called Savour Stratford.

It was too bad I wasn’t there with her, she lamented. I would have loved it – farmers’ market, cooking demonstrations, chef tastings. Jazz, breakbeats, street performers. A food carnival!

The silence on my end was deafening. I recall a vision of tumbleweeds rolling through the vacant, cavernous hall where I sat, the sole patron of my own food event.

Definitely not a carnival.

I asked my wife how she’d feel about moving back home...
And here I am.

My mission now is to eat my way through this town, bite by bite.

I may have missed the culinary festival last year, but I’m going to make up for it by turning my new life in Stratford into a never-ending-food-carnival... blog.

I’m going to eat this town up. I’m on a local food binge, and I’m purging it all back out, multimedia-style: videos, interviews, reviews, recipes, photos, stories – the works!

I’m visiting every farm, dining at every restaurant, attending every event, gate-crashing every backyard barbeque.

If it’s Stratford and there’s food, The Local-Come-Lately will be there with bibs on – so set an extra place at the table (and you also might want to stock-up on wine)!