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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Culinary Week: Food & Funny at 'A Feast of Comedy'

As part of the first-ever Savour Stratford Culinary Week Feast of Comedy event, I went down to Stratford City Hall to check-out some hilarious comedy by some top notch stand-up talent.

...and Antony John.

Just kidding Ant - you were really funny too as the MC. I particularly liked your impression of the first man to try to milk a horse:
The classy theatre at City Hall also served as a dining room for this unique event, as the folks who had floor cabaret-style seating enjoyed full table service throughout the evening. I was rescued from the balcony by a friend whose family had an extra seat at their table, and felt like quite a VIP as gourmet pizza pie from Pazzo's accompanied by beer and wine was delivered to our table throughout the night.
That was the good part of being on the floor. The bad part was that you were much, much more vulnerable to the threat of being picked-on by one of the comedians! Marc Sinodinos expressed interest in a peach-shirted audience member before revealing his identity as one of the only red-headed members of his particular ethnicity.
Mr. Sinodinos absolutely killed it ("George Clooney's hair starts to go grey and he gets a distinguished 'salt and pepper'. When I go grey I'll get 'salt and... ketchup!?!'").

He was followed by Larry Smith, who ranted to the crowd about a wide range of subjects, including today's kids' obsession with mini-TV-screens-pulling-in-on-demand-content-at-hyperfast-speeds, the trials and tribulations of trying to talk when you are a teenaged drunk, and the sourpuss who works at his local Timmy's (impersonation below).
All in all, it was a great evening full of laughs and great food. Culinary Week really hit its stride that night, as world class comedy was paired with amazing food in a unique Stratford venue to the delight of all who attended.
Even the girl in the peach shirt.

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