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Monday, April 19, 2010

Simply Sustainable!

On Sunday I made a presentation about my food gardening activism [see my previous blog post] at the annual general meeting for the local Green Party chapter. I met some friendly eco-folks (including the leader of the Green Party of Ontario) and even signed a few up for the upcoming community garden co-op!
As I packed up, I decided my choice for Stratford take-out should reflect the theme of the day, which was sustainability.
Luckily for me, my favourite fry joint, Simple Fish and Chips (located right downtown at 118 Downie Street), is the most sustainability-conscious restaurant in town!
First, Simple subscribes to the Ocean Wise program, which was developed by the Vancouver Aquarium to empower restaurants and consumers to identify fish and seafood choices that protect rather than assault the world’s aquatic health. When you see the Ocean Wise logo (above) – as you do throughout the menu at Simple F&C – you can enjoy your fish supper without wondering how much sea habitat and by-catch was sacrificed in its harvesting.

Second, all of their take-out containers and utensils are made from recyclable or biodegradable materials. The forks are made from cornstarch, so when I’m done I can just throw ‘em in the compost!

Third, most of the fish they serve today comes from Canada, and owner/chef Shawn Hartwell tells me that coming soon all of the fish they serve will originate from this country. Supporting Canada’s sustainable fisheries has never been so delicious!

The Chef’s Special couldn’t have been more appropriate: I ordered a perch and pickerel combo, which owner Candace Hartwell informed me came from nearby Lake Erie. When I asked her to comment on the Ocean Wise seal of approval, she expressed concern for the sea-world ecosystem, “It needs a chance to replenish itself.”  

One more notable thing about Simple Fish & Chips: they offer gluten-free fish and chips for those who are sensitive to wheat products. Having tried this option, I can honestly say that the gluten-free batter might be even better than the traditional kind! 

I am envisioning line-ups out the door of Simple Fish and Chips this summer: finally, a place we can find high-quality fish and chips without the sour taste of environmental guilt!
Maybe Shawn and Candace can present at the Green Party AGM next year!

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